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Ber-Mar electric motors

Series BER-MAR

Ber-Mar electric motors

Ber-Mar products offer a wide of electric motors, precisely standard motors (single-phase, three-phase and double polarity), brake electric motors (with D.C., A.C. and stationary brakes) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (standard three-phase and brake).
The range of electric motors is complemented by control solution as inverters and drive controller, available in the stand-alone version and combined with motors in the drivemot (known in the market as motoinverter) solution.

Ber-Mar is able to provide customized solutions in line with customer needs with constant support of its engineers. Indeed, continuous, and constant contact with the customer allows them to draw up new projects and production specifications in line with their requirements.
Functional and dimensional checks always guarantee high quality and safety on all products supplied by Ber-Mar.

Ber-Mar electric motors
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